For All Calibers:

Benjamin Marauder Rifles.
Benjamin Armada Rifles.

Benjamin Field and Target Rifles.


The parts are already precision machined and are matched up to get excellent results.

No drilling or machining is necessary.

The parts are Drop in Ready

This kit is your best choice for more power than stock and for more useable shots per fill, when you don’t want to deal with regulators.
If you need the most power, check out the hill airgun Max Power Kit. 
Click on the images for examples in .22 caliber.
No regulators are installed in the rifle.
Two tunes shown included the stock transfer port, hill airgun 15.7 hammer spring and the hill airgun depinger. Can easily adjust from around 838 fps with 14.3 grain pellets with a low extreme spread in velocity, to around 900 fps with 21.14 grain pellets or for something in the middle. A very versatile set up. Just turn the hammer spring adjuster when more or less power is needed. Note that more power uses up the available air supply sooner.
One tune is for the most power from this kit and has the hill airgun HFTP (High Flow Transfer Port) installed. The HFTP is already included with this kit.

Easy to follow installation instructions are included.  When installing your hill airgun kit, if you have any questions, just click on “Contact Tim” to send me a message.

**For coating the rubber o-rings click on the drop down menu to add hill airgun silicone fluid and to also add a handheld deburring tool to your order.

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All airguns need to be serviced from time to time and the Benjamin Marauders design makes it easy for you to service it yourself.


Package includes hill airgun: Valve assembly w/65 valve spring, high volume gauge port, hammer, hammer spring, HFTP, dry lube and brush, 5- o-rings, installation instructions and 1st class shipping.