hill airgun kit  for Your  .177, or .22, Gauntlet air rifle. 

Save money and time by filling up your Gauntlet less often – plus your air rifle shoots quieter.

Easy to install.  Simple step by step installation instructions are included.

I installed one of these kits into my otherwise stock .22 Gauntlet rifle.  Be sure to click on All of the pictures for more information about the results.

Simple “drop in” installation

Adjustable power output, to meet individual air gunners needs:  Includes a metal shim for air gunners who want a bit more power.  Simply install the shim between the hill hammer spring guide, and the reservoir tube end cap. For even more power, you can add more shims  (18mm o.d. x 12mm i.d. x .51mm thick s.s.). No added power adjustment screws – that may move and change the rifle’s tune. Nothing in the kit sticks out the back of the rifle’s tube or interferes with the stock and nothing on the rifle or stock is drilled on or machined. 

+ If you prefer, you can fill your Gauntlet to a lower pressure and still get lots of shots.
+ The rifle can still be degassed using the factory supplied degassing tool. 
+ Easier cocking action.
+ If need be, the air rifle can be put back to it’s stock form at anytime.
Value Priced
*Regulator output pressure adjustment, higher or lower:  If you decide you want to change your air rifles regulator output pressure setting, recommend having a qualified airgun smith perform this procedure.  Do not adjust the regulator beyond the manufacturers rating.

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Check out this must have item:

For .177, .22 and .25 caliber Gauntlet air rifles.

Quiet down your Gauntlet air rifle with this 6″ long x 3/8″ wide airgun moderator.

The end caps and tube are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, then anodized.

Only weighs 4.7 ounces.


Includes:  1- 6 Gauntlet air rifle moderator and shipping.

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Recommend adding to your order:

hill airgun dry lube and brush

For lubing the hammer, inside the reservoir tube where the hammer moves and the bolt assembly.

Can also be used for other purposes where a dry lube is best used.

Not temperature sensitive.

Includes: 1- packet of hill airgun dry lube, 1- brush, and shipping.

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New Item

hill airgun 249 hammer spring.

For otherwise stock Gauntlet air rifles.

Easier cocking action than stock and a quieter shooting rifle.


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