Custom Marauder .22 caliber Rifle


hill airgun extras include:

+ .22 caliber x 20″ long Lothar-Walter Match barrel.

+ hill barrel band.

+ hill 8 moderator.

+ hill 22″ long shroud with 2- baffles and 1- spring.

+ hill 20 hammer kit with hill 262 hammer spring.

+ hill HFTP.

+ Picatinny breech.

+ hill depinger.

+ hill PEEK striker.

+ hill comfort grip.

+ Aftermarket gauge.

+ 1- 10 shot magazine.

+ Professional installation.

+ USPS Priority Mail Shipping -Ships within 1- business day.


Great for backyard shooting (even in a small neighborhood – very quiet shooting), target shooting, plinking, pest control, shooting in a basement or garage, etc..


Easy to adjust for more or less power.

Using a 1/4″ hex wrench, turn the hammer spring guide clockwise to increase the power.  See the two tuning charts; one at 1-3/4 turns of the hammer spring guide and one at 5- turns of the hammer spring guide.